Get visitor’s location details from IP address in php

If you want to track your visitor’s location details like city, state, country etc then you can use the following script. In PHP we can easily get the visitors/ user IP address by using $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] option. But you can’t get other information like country, city, state etc directly in PHP. provides the solution for this.

How to get user IP Address in PHP

 $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; 
 echo $ip;

How to get user/ visitor Location in PHP


$_ip = new ip_codehelper();

$real_client_ip_address = $_ip->getRealIP();
$visitor_location       = $_ip->getLocation($real_client_ip_address);

$guest_ip   = $visitor_location['IP'];
$guest_country = $visitor_location['CountryName'];
$guest_city  = $visitor_location['CityName'];
$guest_state = $visitor_location['RegionName'];

echo "IP Address: ". $guest_ip. "";
echo "Country: ". $guest_country. "";
echo "State: ". $guest_state. "";
echo "City: ". $guest_city. "";

The above code provides the information like ip, Continent Code, Continent Name, Country Code in 2 digit, Country Code in 3 digit, Country short code, Country Name, Region / State Name, City Name, City Latitude, City Longitude, Country Latitude, Country Longitude, Local Time Zone, Calling Code, Population, Area in Sq Km, Capital, Electrical, Languages, Currency and Flag image.

$ip 			= $visitor_location['IP'];
$Continent_Code 	= $$$visitor_location['ContinentCode'];
$Continent_Name 	= $visitor_location['ContinentName'];
$Country_Code2 		= $visitor_location['CountryCode2'];
$Country_Code3 		= $visitor_location['CountryCode3'];
$Country 		= $visitor_location['Country'];
$Country_Name 		= $visitor_location['CountryName'];
$State_Name 		= $visitor_location['RegionName'];
$City_Name 		= $visitor_location['CityName'];
$City_Latitude 		= $visitor_location['CityLatitude'];
$City_Longitude 	= $visitor_location['CityLongitude'];
$Country_Latitude 	= $visitor_location['CountryLatitude'];
$Country_Longitude 	= $visitor_location['CountryLongitude'];
$Country_Longitude 	= $visitor_location['CountryLongitude'];
$LocalTimeZone 		= $visitor_location['LocalTimeZone'];
$Calling_Code 		= $visitor_location['CallingCode'];
$Population 		= $visitor_location['Population'];
$Area_SqKm 		= $visitor_location['AreaSqKm'];
$Capital 		= $visitor_location['Capital'];
$Electrical 		= $visitor_location['Electrical'];
$Languages 		= $visitor_location['Languages'];
$Currency 		= $visitor_location['Currency'];
$Flag 			= $visitor_location['Currency'];
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