Ajax delete with PHP and MySql

Must Read : Ajax delete with PHP and MySql

Ajax delete with confirm box, here we are going to see about how to delete the data without refreshing page and with confirmation box, and this is what most of them searching, so today going to show you that, how to make this alert style box delete with ajax and php, mysql.
As we discussed in more tutorials before to this, it is very simple by using AJAX, in a usual delete tha page getting refreshed, so for here are going to do that with out refreshing the page. so we have to make database for that. let see the details about that.
database name –> wearecoders
table name –> tablename
column names –> id, content
  1. db.php
  2. delete.php
  3. index.php
the above files and JQuery min file in important too.




the above coding are comes in index.php page and we have and ajax script in the same page or you can add it but here i put coding on the same page


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